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Chibi Charms - Digital Download

Chibi Charms - Digital Download

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Introducing our "Chibi Charms" Digital Downloads:

Get ready to infuse your digital world with a burst of vibrant personality! Our "Chibi Charms" Digital Downloads feature 14 charming characters, including a striking African American woman dressed in fitted distressed jeans and a colorful jacket, all with a trendy 90s theme. These characters are meticulously crafted with airbrush gradients, blended shading, and adorable chibi proportions.

Key Features:

  • 14 unique characters, including the stylish African American woman.
  • Available with or without backgrounds.
  • Versatile digital downloads perfect for customizing notebooks, coffee mugs, cell phone cases, planners, and more.

Unleash your creativity and start personalizing your favorite items with these delightful digital downloads. Please note that while you can use these images on physical products to generate income, they cannot be resold as your own creations.

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